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We are youth of the Holy Land of Jesus in Bethlehem represented by the formers of this site; want to help the Christians families in this land and to support their historical handicraft that were inherited  from generation to another.

Christian families totally depend on this industry in their living expenses and local economy during this hard and unstable political situation. We look forward to open fields of marketing, to spread these handicrafts internationally and to keep the Christian presence and identity in the Middle East. The majority of Christians in Bethlehem district work in this unique craft. Due to the previous reasons, we decided to apply this project.

With your mass support, we would be able to continue and keep the Christian community in this holy land. Also, you have to be sure your support will be received to every Christian person in this community.

We thank Jesus for blessing us with the olive trees which we hope to prosper from ,we hope that we can pass the spirit of Bethlehem the city of Jesus birth and cradle of peace to each and every one of his children. Amen !

About us:

The Zuluf Company is the leading seller of high quality Holyland Gifts and Crafts. We have been in business since 1968, Located in Beit Sahour, a village on the east side of Bethlehem, Zuluf Workshops produces beautifully carved olive wood items. In an area with few employment opportunities, the sale of olive wood creations provides much-needed income to talented artisans. Zuluf Company also hopes to guarantee the continuity of this valuable traditional handicraft through these difficult times.

We're always open to our customers' personalized requests and we'd love to hear from you!
Simply contact us at:

Call us -  +972 2 2757608      
9am to 8pm
Mon-Fri.UTC/GMT +3 hours
Jerusalem Time

Elias Zuluf
C/O P.O.Box 75001
Jerusalem - Israel

Tell us what you think about our web site, our products, our organization, or anything else that comes to mind.
We welcome all of your comments and suggestions.


World's #1 Holy Land Store

We are the Zuluf Co. , the leading seller of high quality Holy Land Gifts and Crafts since 1998 located in Beit Sahour, a village on the east side of Bethlehem. With only few employment opportunities in this area, our company is a hope to guarantee the continuity of our valuable traditional handicrafts and a support to the talented Christian artisans to go through these difficult times. We hope that what has been a blessing to us will be a blessing for you and your love ones.

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