Olive Wood Crosses

Olive Wood Crosses to Promote Your Faith

When someone steps into your home, what is the first thing that they see? You should never hide your faith because it is the one thing that will always be with you and can guide you through life whenever you are at your strongest or at your weakest. Olive wood crosses are a perfect way to display your faith. Choose large or small ones to hang on your walls throughout your home so that you are well protected and can remember that there is a higher power looking down on you each and every day. The olive wood is a very special addition to your home, straight from Bethlehem. These were hand carved so that you can have a daily reminder about the sacrifices of Jesus Christ so that we could live our lives. These are sacred pieces to place throughout your home and make wonderful housewarming gifts for those around you as well. Every time that you glance at them, you will be able to renew your faith so that you always make the best decisions throughout your life. It is the ultimate way to be inspired by religion.

World's #1 Holy Land Store

We are the Zuluf Co. , the leading seller of high quality Holy Land Gifts and Crafts since 1998 located in Beit Sahour, a village on the east side of Bethlehem. With only few employment opportunities in this area, our company is a hope to guarantee the continuity of our valuable traditional handicrafts and a support to the talented Christian artisans to go through these difficult times. We hope that what has been a blessing to us will be a blessing for you and your love ones.

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