Olive Wood Ornaments

Dangle Olive Wood Ornaments on Your Christmas Tree

Decorating your Christmas tree should be a family affair. Everyone has their favorite ornaments that they hang from the tree and many have sentimental value. You should also have some olive wood ornaments dangling from the branches of your tree so that you can add a spiritual note to your tree since it was the birth of Christ that made this holiday possible to begin with. You will be able to share the meaning of each piece with friends and family throughout the holidays. There are many styles of ornaments and all have been carved out of the olive wood that comes from Bethlehem, offering up something very sacred to hang from your tree or throughout other areas of your home. You can also give out these ornaments to the other Christians that you exchange gifts with during the holiday season as a way to remind them, too, of the meaning of Christmas.

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We are the Zuluf Co. , the leading seller of high quality Holy Land Gifts and Crafts since 1998 located in Beit Sahour, a village on the east side of Bethlehem. With only few employment opportunities in this area, our company is a hope to guarantee the continuity of our valuable traditional handicrafts and a support to the talented Christian artisans to go through these difficult times. We hope that what has been a blessing to us will be a blessing for you and your love ones.

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